The MIT $100K Competition has six tracks that teams can enter. If an idea involves elements of multiple tracks, teams should enter the track that fits the idea most closely.

Segal Family Foundation Emerging MarketsThe mission of the Emerging Markets Track is to create transformational change in emerging markets through business. This track is for companies addressing non-OECD countries, especially those in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The companies can be for-profit or non-profit companies. However, sustainability will be a major factor in the consideration of any business, so please make sure there is a very reliable funding model if the company is structured as a nonprofit.
Energy The mission of the Energy Track is to turbo-charge the next generation of energy entrepreneurs to help solve the world’s energy challenge. Teams that enter the Energy Track should be working on technologies or business models that will affect the future of energy in the U.S. and/or abroad. In the LAUNCH Contest, the Energy Track is run by the MIT Clean Energy Prize. The highest ranking MIT team wins the Energy Track prize for the Launch Contest and competes in the finale.
Life SciencesThe mission of the Life Sciences Track is to advance ideas and companies related to biotechnology, therapeutics, medical devices, biomaterials, healthcare IT, diagnostics and instrumentation.
MobileThe mission of the Mobile Track is to inspire new products and services that can be used to enhance our lives and productivity when we are on the go. Software or other services related to mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices fall in this track.
Products & ServicesThe mission of the Products & Services Track is to build businesses that satisfy pressing consumer and business needs, ranging from revolutionary building materials to the latest high-tech gadget.
Web/ITThe mission of the Web/IT Track is to make the lives of individuals and businesses better by offering IT and web-based solutions that meet their needs.